We Specialize in Diesel Trailers,500lt 1000lt 1500
2000lt 2500lt
Skid trailers,
Farm Trailers
Off Road Trailers

Welcome to SEDIBENG MANUFACTURING, is 100% BLACK OWNED LEVEL ONE BBBEE status specialists in comprehensive manufacturing of Diesel trailers, Avgas  trailers, tanker trailers, fire fighting trailers and water trailers

Established in 1992 we design and manufacture bowser trailers, 
tanks and skids for transporting and storing diesel, avgas and water.

SEDIBENG benchmarks world standards. All our operations are aligned to international ISO 9001 and 2014 standards. We conform 
to SABS and NRCS specifications, adhere to the National Road Traffic Act standards and comply with the strictest health & safety regulations.

Avgas Trailers 500lt 1000lt 1500lt 2000lt 2500lt

We take pride in our work

Our tanker trailers are fully certified for the carriage of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Our designs combine convenience, efficiency and safety for petrochemical transportation and storage under the most hazardous conditions. Our engineering designers build special safety features into each of our fuel transportation and storage trailers.

SEDIBENG tanker trailers allow for fuel to be transported and stored on site. No matter where the equipment is being operated you will be confident that you will have fuel on standby anytime.

Water Trailers 500lt, 1000lt 2500lt